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Freeware and Shareware for Cad Cam, CNC and other Application

By KSC Software Consultant,
Andy Wong
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3D viewer that can view almost all kinds of 3D file formats.

Interactive 3D Rendering: You can view 3d models and change texture interactively via web interface

My recently completed programming is NC to NCI converter for Mastercam™ version X series.

For running under pc (Below are command shell programs that may not be compatible for OS newer than Windows7):

Download nctime.exe and nctime.txt (Calculate total machining time for fanuc G code cnc file)  

Download ncc5.exe,ncc5.txt,and drivers (Backplot fanuc cnc toolpath file in graphic display, read G code directly)

Download hncc5.exe,hncc5.txt,and drivers (Backplot heiden cnc toolpath file in graphic display, read L code directly)

Download fz.exe and fz.txt (find max and min z value for fanuc cnc file)

Download hz.exe and hz.txt (find max and min z value for heiden cnc file)

Download nc2cdl.exe and nc2cdl.txt (Convert fanuc cnc file to cadl format file)

Download d48.exe,d482.exe,d96.exe,d962.exe (Dnc communication program from pc to cnc milling machine)

Download sample fanuc and heiden nc files (Fanuc and Heiden NC file samples for you to understand how programs work)

Other application:

Download bankloan.exe (Bank loan compound interest calculation, such as house mortgage payment)

Now an Online Mortgage Calculator is also available so you may use it anywhere if there's
a browser with internet connection.

Other parties shareware/freeware:

Download jpeg convert program to and from other format (It can perform batch command conversion, very fast and convenient)

Download uuencode and uudecode program (Encode and restore between text and binary format, useful for text-only email server)

Command type compression shareware utilities:

Download rar203.exe (extension name .rar)

Download arj.exe (extension name .arj)

Download lha.exe (extension name .lzh)

Download pkzip.exe (extension name .zip)

Download pkunzip.exe

Download zip.exe, 32bit application

Download unzip.exe, 32bit application

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There are also many other application softwares such as:
*f2h---Translator to convert any iso G-code nc toolpath to Heiden nc file format.
*Roughing---convert a 3d toolpath to many layers of depth so that the
 cutters need not suffer strength for great depth of cutting.
*Ncc6---an nc quick viewing software with more enhanced features such as
 step by step coordinate checking.
*Fxyz---a toolpath cutting data analysis software.
*UV---an nc post processor for 4-axis wire cut.
*Post processor for different cnc machine file format.
*Tailor made CNC application programs are also available.
*Design 3d model from concept to real object by the computer.
*Receive and process iges file designed by other cad cam softwares.

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