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 Research team interviewed different eye witnesses in the same city and proved
the flying saucer was really wobbling near that building on that day!
Some people ask if the saucer is from outer space, why it wobbles since it's from much advanced technology.
Some ufologists explain that wobbling under low speed is normal by certain anti-gravity technology, but if it travels
at high speed, there'll not be any wobbling phenomenum. A very good analogy is a boat travels at low speed
on the sea comparing with a boat that travels at high speed on the sea.
 Edgar Mitchell, the
sixth astronaut who walked on moon and is highly respected and trusted by public,
had also mentioned that an ufo crash had really happened in Roswell where alien bodies
were also discovered.

Abduction memories by aliens recalled by hypnosis are not reliable

Experiements were conducted and proved that abduction memories by aliens recalled by hypnosis
are not reliable. Some people were tested under hypnosis and were found that they could
tell stories which had never happened before. For instance, a famous experiment found that a
girl under hypnosis said that she had visited a shopping mall before, but the fact was that she
had never visited that mall. There're also numerous hypnosis records showing that memories
recalled by hypnosis were not reliable. It means that a hypnotized person may still have chance
to make a fake story that he/she is not aware of what he/she tells within hypnosis period.

The following photo in fact were taken from several extracts from a video taken from Mexico on Aug 6, 1997.

Click on the picture if you want to see an enlarged view that shows a bigger ufo size.


As we all know, there are lots of hoax ufo pictures found on the net created by some people of that some are already

black-listed as famous "hoax-stars". However, after careful and detailed investigation for these stills from video, they

are probably from real recording process, especially the focusing condition for the relative distance.

Mexico is a country that often occurs ufo visit. We don't know the reason why so many ufo like to visit that area.

However, most ufologists believe that most ufo are hostile, which means that they are not peaceful creature.

But why they don't make any attack and also don't reveal themselves. One of the explanation by ufologist is that

the aliens need to continue their life and dna experiment on human and animal life on earth. This explains why so

many people around the world reported that they were abducted by ufo.

It is known that US government already set up a "SETI" project of big investment of that the purpose is to search

intelligent life form in this universe. The objective of this project is to search mercy kind of alien to help the human

facing different kinds of disasters in future.

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By KSC Software Consultant, Hong Kong.
Andy Wong